7 Months

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Yikes! Ruby is almost 8 months and we haven’t recapped month 7 yet!  While Justin has been awesome enough to keep up with writing the past few months’ happenings, I decided it was time for me to finally write another post! Things have been pretty hectic for me as of late. Everyone tells you how hard it is to be a working mom, but let me say, this hard? I had no idea. Between the sleepless nights and growing list of work assignments, I have had a pretty difficult time remaining sane.  But alas, enough about me, let’s get to the star of this blog, and of our hearts, Ruby-doo (a.k.a. the Rubester, Ruby-licious, Miss Ruby, etc…).

This little baby was very busy during month 7.  It is truly incredible to see her developments and how much her curiosity is peaked. We call her our “supervisor” since she looks very intently at anything we do, almost like she’s making sure we are doing it right.


  • Almost clapping her hands – I say almost because she bangs them together but keeps one in a fist the whole time. She does it pretty hard so it looks like she’s threatening to beat you up!
  • Can shimmy on her tummy backwards and around, always in search of new toys.
  • Month 7 brought much needed sleep to our house. Like a lot more. There were a few nights were she slept 10-10.5 hours without waking up. Crazy town! On average though, she woke up at least once a night, but still slept 9-10 hours overall.  That was my favorite part about month 7.
  • She mastered sitting up on her own.  She loves to sit and play with her toys. It’s still her her favorite thing to do.
  • She tried a splash pool and real pool. Loved both.
  • She’s still trying more solid foods. She tried peas, squash, apple, zucchini, and banana during this month.
  • Hosted/attended her first happy hour.

Not so great moments:

  • She had a cold on and off for the better part of the month. We took her to the pediatrician and had her checked out. Apparently, when babies start daycare it’s not uncommon for them to have back-to-back colds or for their immune system to just be “dealing” with little things. Luckily, she had no other symptoms so it was just dealing with lots of congestion and snot.

So for the most part, everything is going well with our little butterball. We are amazed every day at how much we love her. It’s insane. As for mom and dad, well, we are also doing great. Since she’s started to sleep better, we are back to feeling like human beings again. We even hosted happy hour one night! We are also getting better at finding time to spend with each other. It’s not a lot of time, but 30 minutes here and there where it’s just the two of us. We talk, talk like we used to, about absolutely nothing and laugh at the ridiculousness of our conversations. The last two months have been the hardest so far (for me) in our baby journey, and I’m so grateful for the help we have received from family. Also, as hard as it got, I was always thankful that it was Justin beside me.  I really can’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else. <3

Now let’s recap this month in pictures! My favorite part!

Hanging out having a good time!

Hanging out having a good time!

Hanging out before bath time.

Hanging out before bath time.

Reading with Dad

Reading with Dad. Apparently there was something very shocking in her book.

My lunchtime date

My lunch time date

Ruby-made Mother's Day card. <3

Ruby-made Mother’s Day card <3

My favorite candid

My favorite candid


Love this little face!

Ready for daycare... Now just take me already!

Ready for daycare… Now just take me already!

On a walk with Mom

Going for a walk with Mom

Someone wasn't a fan of peas the first time they tried them.

Someone wasn’t a fan of peas the first time she tried them.

First time at the grocery store

First time riding in the shopping cart

Hey, where did everyone go?

Um, hey, where did everyone go?

Second try at peas was much more successful.

Second try at peas was much more successful.

yay! sippy cup!

Yay! Sippy cup!

after one of our lunch time nursing sessions. she looks like she ate too mch

After one of our lunch time nursing sessions. She looks like she ate too much, hee hee.

Looking at Dad suspiciously...

Looking at Dad suspiciously…


Trying some zucchini

Awesome blanket made by her Aunt Terri

Awesome blanket made by her Aunt Terri

One can never have enough toys.
She'll never feel unloved...

She’ll never feel unloved…

Test ride!

Someone had fun!

Someone had fun!

Applesauce – I love that face!

Loved her splash pool!

Blue Steel

Hanging out after some pool time.

Hanging out after some pool time.

Trying out the big girl pool!

sweet face!

Trying out squash

Love this hairdo

Tummy-timing in style.

Her official 7 month photo

Her official 7 month photo

2 Months

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Whew! It’s been a busy two months! Our little one is thriving beautifully, and we’re both completely exhausted!  Here’s a quick recap of the last month:


  • recognizes our voices and smiles at the sound of them (HUGE deal for her parents)
  • has pretty good head and neck control
  • most improved at tummy time-ing
  • can track objects
  • can hold objects but has no idea she’s holding them
  • found her other hand and they’ve both found her mouth
  • went on her first road trip
  • met the rest of her family and lots of friends
  • most of the time sleeps 6-7 hours at night (HUGE deal for her parents)
  • weighs over 12 pounds
  • great review at her 2-month check-up
  • has started to speak “baby” (so much fun for us to hear the sweet sounds she makes)

Not so great moments:

  • caught her first cold (complete nightmare for us)
  • 2-month vaccines (so sad, but necessary)
  • only naps for 30-45 minutes at a time
  • has had some hair loss (Dad has capitalized on this with very goofy hairstyles)

It was great being in Miami for two weeks and having help from Abuela.  We were even able to go out a couple of times on our own. That was nice.

Now for a boat load of pictures!

Here’s our Christmas family portrait:


Here’s Ruby in one of the Christmas outfits her BB (Grandma Fincher) got her:



blowing bubbles


Here she is showcasing her guns in a brightly colored “muscle” onesie Dad picked out:


Here’s Ruby in her NYE dress (I loved so many of these):





More pictures, Mom and Dad?



It was hard keeping her upright!



Making googly eyes at the photographer. 😉



You guys aren’t done yet? And what’s up with this bow? (I love how she wiggles her toes. She’s just like her dad.)


Here she is with her great grandmother, Francisca (my mom’s mom):


Here’s Ruby doing tummy time. She’s not a big fan, but she’s starting to get the hang of it. We’ve even gotten a few smiles while she’s doing it.



Last, here’s our little munchkin in her 2 month sticker picture:




Flirting with our ceiling fan….



Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon



Love this little face!

Other than her not really napping during the day, I can’t complain.  Nursing is going great.  Ruby and I are getting a walk in almost every day.  I’ve been slowly getting back into exercising.  I can see my toes.  Justin remains a dedicated father.  We continue to get a lot of encouragement and support from family and friends.  I’m still on maternity leave.  Ruby smiles a lot.

We still have some rough moments here and there, but for the most part, we’re a happy (and very very tired) little family.  Here’s hoping the good times continue. =)

Just Hatched

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Whoa! It’s been quite the two weeks. We are sooo EXHAUSTED! To say that it’s been challenging would be an enormous understatement. I’m so grateful for the time my mom spent with us once we got home from the hospital. Also, Justin has been amazing. He’s been so hands-on with Ruby and supportive of my recovery.  While we have been in zombie-survival mode, we’ve still been able to enjoy a few fun moments with our daughter. Here’s a photo of her with her first “monthly onesie” sticker that Melissa Macpherson awesomely surprised us with.

Here’s a few of the others that were really fun/funny:

Cutie Baby

Unhappy Baby

Thinking Baby

And Justin’s favorite picture…

Hippie Baby

I’m off to enjoy the little quiet time I have left before Miss Ruby wakes up demanding food!

Maternity Pictures – Week 38, Day 6

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We had our weekly OB check-up today and baby Ruby is doing great.  The doctor couldn’t really give us an indication of when she’d be making her appearance only that everything looks good in her little home and that my body seems to be starting the “eviction” process.  He also reminded us that first babies are usually late… Wonderful, lol. We’re both pretty impatient, but of course we prefer for her to come when she’s ready.  In the meantime, we’ll just keep preparing for her (i.e. reading our parenting books and finishing her room).

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our maternity shoot! They were taken by the same uber talented photographer that took our engagement and wedding pictures, Lindsay Osborne. We love them!

Full Term! Week 37, Day 5

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About 2 1/2 weeks to go (hopefully)! Baby Ruby is doing great. We went to the doctor today and he estimated that she is weighing 6.1 pounds. Other than battling a stupid cold for the last two weeks and bouts of low blood pressure, I’ve been doing okay.  Just counting down the days!

We’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks.  Here is a quick recap of what’s been going on.

(1) The thoughtful people I work with had a shower for us. I thought it was incredibly sweet of them considering I just started working there two months ago.

2) My mom visited last weekend and helped us TREMENDOUSLY! We organized all of Ruby’s gifts and washed some baby clothes, blankets, and burp cloths. We bought the missing items for our hospital bag. We made two pillow cases for Ruby’s room AND my mom made me two maternity dresses (that will work for nursing) and a maternity skirt.  As I no longer fit into my maternity jeans and pants, these dresses couldn’t have come at a better time!

Making pillow cases with the little “E-Z to sew” machine my mom got me on her last visit here:

Here are the pillow cases and the clothes:

It was soooo great having her here. It’s been pretty tough living far away from her the last few months. Here’s us posing next to 2 of the 3 blankets she crocheted for Ruby. The yellow one she started about two weeks after Justin and I were married.  Yeah, she really had the “If you knit it, they will come” mentality, hee hee.

She even stitched these labels onto each of the blankets:

(3) My mom and I weren’t the only ones that have been busy. Check out baby daddy!

Installing the car seat:


 Putting together the glider:

Preparing a frozen meal:

4) We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary last week. It kind of sneaked up on both of us since we’ve been so engrossed in getting ready for baby Ruby’s arrival.  It was a Tuesday so we kept it simple. We exchanged small gifts (cotton themed) and had dinner at the restaurant at which we had our first date. Here’s us before dinner:

5) Our latest baby bump picture:

Here’s the progress we’ve made on our last to-do list:

  1. Pack our hospital bag
  2. Install car seat and get it inspected.
  3. Purchase the essential items for baby we’re still missing.
  4. Freeze meals for the first several weeks of newborn madness.
  5. Finish organizing and decorating the nursery.

We’re still working on #5, but if we don’t finish it before she gets here, it’s not a big deal.  Since the room is upstairs and our bedroom is downstairs, I think it will be a while before she’s sleeping in there anyhow. We’ve got the pack ‘n play put together and this “newborn station” assembled in our bedroom:

It’s just missing her clothes in the second shelf. I’m waiting to find out how big she’ll be before I stack it!

Since the major stuff is done, I think we’re going to take it easy for the next few weeks and just work on the nursery here and there. I really want to enjoy the last few days/weeks we have alone together.  I’ve been told by many that I should really appreciate this time!

Getting Closer – Week 35, Day 2

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We have a little coconut!

Baby is doing great! We had our OB appointment this past Wednesday. She is currently head down and weighing about 4.8 pounds.

In other news, Justin’s sister got married two weeks ago! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Here we are with the beautiful bride at the rehearsal. Not planned, but I guess we should have known Lauren would wear her signature color, purple. =)

Justin and I were part of the bridal party.  We were so honored to be part of their special day.

Here’s a picture of all of the bridesmaids. Cameron, the other pregnant bridesmaid, and I decided to act as bookends in almost every picture, lol. It was a fun time.

I didn’t take this picture, but it’s beautiful. It’s of the bride and groom as they walked into the reception:

The whole weekend was a lot of fun! I’m glad baby Ruby got to hear her aunt and uncle get married!

The following Wednesday we had a maternity photo session with the photographer that took our engagement and wedding pictures, Lindsay Osborne.  She also filmed us interviewing each other, which was completely unexpected, but a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to see the pictures!!  They were taken around the lake by our house.  Here’s a picture Justin took during the session:

Last weekend my brother and cousin came to visit. It was nice to have them here. I haven’t seen my brother since I was about 20 weeks, so I was happy he could see me one more time before I had the baby. Here’s us at the Midtown Filling Station:

Justin took them to the FSU game. It was their first, and I think they had a pretty good time:

Mikey and I did a few baby tasks, but for the most part, we just hung out and relaxed. I’m glad they were able to visit.

We’re still keeping busy with baby prep. Now that we’ve got about 5 weeks to go, it’s really important that we get certain things done in case she decides to come early, which I get the feeling she will. Not for any scientific or rational reason, but just because I get that feeling. Maybe it’s wishful thinking….So on our list for the next week or two is:

  1. Pack our hospital bag
  2. Install car seat and get it inspected. (This one I may wait a little longer to do only because it feels weird driving around with a car seat and no baby).
  3. Purchase the essential items we’re still missing.
  4. Freeze meals for the first several weeks of newborn madness. (My mom is visiting next weekend so hopefully she will help me with this)
  5. Finish organizing and decorating the nursery.
Hopefully I can some rest in between doing all of those things. I’m really starting to feel that third trimester fatigue!


Bump Documentation – Week 32, Day 5

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As promised, here’s my very-soon post getting us caught up on all that’s been going on!

Last weekend we went to Bristol, TN (where Justin is from) to spend a few days at the Fincher lake house and to attend a NASCAR race! We had a few friends join us, which made it even more fun.  Here’s a couple of pictures from that weekend:


Watching the race!

It was a very fun, but tiring trip. I can definitely start to feel the extra weight and fatigue these days.

Two weeks ago we received our nursery furniture. It’s beautiful!

Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa Fincher!!!

Now, the fun part begins! We have lots of ideas for Ruby’s room. Here’s a sneak peak of the  bedding we’re planning on getting. We’re going to use yellow, pink, and green throughout the room.

Hopefully, within the next few weeks we can get the ball rolling on all the nursery decor.

Recently, in our childbirth class, we watched a recording of a birth. It was pretty intense. The couple themselves did not look too stressed out about it, but just imagining that I will be doing that in two months was pretty scary. Luckily, I think the general trend of growing larger and larger each day will make me less worried about the birth itself, and I’ll “look forward” to having the baby.  In that same vein, I’m really annoyed with strangers asking me when I’m due and then expressing surprise with my due date… Making statements like, “Really? Two more months? You are huge!”  Some variation of that conversation has happened at least 4 times. It’s ridiculous, and I’m glad Justin has been with me for most of them so I have a witness to this craziness. Seriously?   Who are these people, walking around telling pregnant women they are huge? I don’t understand how anyone can think this is acceptable. I don’t really care about their opinion because I know I’m doing great. I know I’m gaining a healthy amount, and I’m right on track. But it doesn’t make it easy. It’s hard. Gaining weight, watching your body change and STRETCH. It’s not easy. What do these people think? That I can’t see myself in the mirror? That I can’t feel all the extra weight I’m carrying? Trust me, my back and legs remind me of it every day. Ugghhhh.   I am not asking to be told that I look great.  I’m just asking to not be reminded that I’m enormous or that I’m somehow “too big.” That’s all. Okay, vent is over.

On a much more positive note, here’s our latest bump documentation photo! It’s “country” themed because we’re headed to Nashville today to watch Lauren and Josh get hitched this weekend! We’re both super excited for them and look forward to all of the festivities!

Showering the Baby – Week 32, Day 2

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Eight weeks to go!!

Our baby is the size of a squash:

So I have not updated the blog in the last four weeks because we have been RIDICULOUSLY busy! August has really been non-stop for us.  I started my new job, Justin graduated, we’ve had two baby showers, and we went to Bristol for a weekend.

Since I’ve got so much to cover, I’m going to let pictures tell the story:

Justin walking across the stage (left) and us after graduation (top). He was very excited that his daughter attended his graduation.

At Mellow Mushroom for a celebratory dinner!

That same weekend Julia hosted a “cute as a button” baby shower for Ruby! (*All pictures for Julia’s shower were taken by Lynn Soon Scruggs)

Me and Julia =)

The guest of honor:

Beautiful decor, yummy food, and games!



Group picture:

Many cute/awesome gifts!



Goofy Pictures (using my belly as a prop):


My favorite picture:

I was joking around and saying that I was getting so big that an entire person could probably hide behind me. Julia and Amelia proved that two people could. It was pretty funny.  We really had an awesome time!! I can’t thank Julia enough for all of the time and effort she put into making that afternoon special for me and little Ruby.  It was also nice to have my sister and the Fincher clan in town for Justin’s graduation and the shower that weekend.

The following weekend my sister and mom hosted a shower for us at Perricone’s in Miami (one of my favorite restaurants).

My beautiful sis (top) and my very excited mom (right). Most of the group (bottom).










Cute decor and delicious food! I love the Winnie the Pooh saying on the cake! 



Games and advice cards on baby raising!


One of the neatest things I’ve ever done at a shower! We each made a birthday card for little Ruby. Everyone did a different year.


I signed “mom” for the first time…(kinda crazy)

Us being silly:

It was a great shower! I’m so grateful to my sister and mom for coordinating such a lovely afternoon.

We’re so thankful for all of the gifts and well wishes we’ve received. One thing is for sure, Ruby will be very loved when she gets here!

In all the craziness that has been the last few weeks, we actually managed to meet with a second pediatrician and make our decision.  I’m verrrry happy with the pediatrician we chose. She came highly recommended, and we loved talking to her.  She answered all of our questions thoroughly, with obvious care and concern for our baby.  The other pediatricians we met were also very thorough and kind, we just felt that she was a better fit for us. We also had our regular OB check-up this past Thursday. Everything is looking good. Ruby’s in a good position (head-down), and she’s growing at a good pace. Doc said she’s around 3.5 lbs at this point.  Other than terrible back pain, I’m feeling/doing great. I’ve gained a total of 30lbs so far. Hopefully I can really stick to the 1lb a week for the remaining 8 weeks. *Here’s hoping*

I’ll recap the Bristol trip and other exciting things (nursery furniture) in another post very soon. For now, I have to get back to our ever growing to-do list!

Third Trimester – Week 28, Day 2

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We’ve got ourselves an eggplant!

We had our routine check-up this past Wednesday. Everything is looking great.  Ruby is measuring at 29 weeks and weighs approximately 2.4 lbs.  I also did the glucose screening on Friday morning. That’s the test for gestational diabetes.  The hardest part of that test for me was the fasting. It  interfered with 1st breakfast, which is usually at 4:30am. The test itself, which is an orange liquid you have to drink, wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Not my favorite thing in the world, but it was tolerable.

So, as far as our list goes we got one thing crossed off:

  1. Select Pediatrician
  2. Reorganize our closets to make room for Ruby’s stuff

It took us all of last weekend, but we managed to reorganize all of the closets.  We donated about 6 garbage bags of clothes and “stuff” to Goodwill. We (Justin) also moved out the furniture we had in Ruby’s room to make room for her crib and dresser, which will hopefully be delivered on Thursday.

We have an appointment next Monday to meet with one of our two choices for pediatricians. The other pediatrician has a less formal “interview” process, so we’ll be able to get our questions answered some time this week.

The most exciting news about this week is that we’re officially in the 3rd trimester! Only 12 weeks to go! I’m starting to feel a lot hungrier lately and my sweet tooth seems to be making its way back (uh oh). Oh, and this week will be my first week at my new job. I’m really looking forward to it!

Bump Documentation – Week 26, Day 4

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It’s been almost five weeks since we took a baby bump picture for our collage! So here we go:

I’m really starting to fill out that dress! I can’t believe I still have 14 weeks left to go. It’s going to be pretty wild to see how big I get!

Two updates for this week. First, we started our childbirth classes last week. I am really happy with our instructor and the material we are going to cover over the course of the class.  Justin is an outstanding coach.  I have to admit, I am pretty apprehensive about the whole childbirth process, but knowing that he’s going to be my partner that day is really comforting.  It’s also very touching to see how much he wants to be part of the process.

The second cool thing we did was that we took a tour of the hospital’s “family center.”  We learned all about the hospital’s admittance, labor & delivery, and postpartum recovery process.  The staff was really friendly and everything seemed well organized. The labor & delivery rooms were a lot bigger than I expected.  Also, each room has it’s own individual waiting room attached so that your family members can wait right next door. Here’s a picture of a labor & delivery room:

My mom was in town this past weekend (which was AWESOME) so she got to do the tour with us.  Hopefully she’ll make it up in time for the birth and she’ll know exactly where to go!

On our list of to-dos for the next two weeks:

  1. Select Pediatrician
  2. Reorganize our closets to make room for Ruby’s stuff

The list goes on and on, but these are the two I’m going to focus on for the time being. So much to do! Luckily we still have 3 1/2 months before our estimated delivery date!