Arlo – 5 Months

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Month 5 has been pretty status quo. Nothing really huge has happened, though we have definitely stayed busy! We moved this month, which is a challenge by itself without 2 young children! They both did great, but we are still working on getting settled and unpacked. Looking forward to no big life changes these next few months, haha.


  • Tried solid food for the first time. Started out with oatmeal, then also tried some peas. This little guy is definitely an eater. Happily dug into both of them and continues to have oatmeal pretty much every day. Took a break from peas since it may have loosened his bowels (contributing to the rash in “not-so-great moments”)
  • Bounced back fairly quickly from his 4 month sleep regression
  • Had our first out-to-eat experience as a family, and it when pretty well (see photo below)
  • Crazy easy to put to sleep. Other than times he is over-tired at night, we can mostly get him ready, put him in the crib, put the paci in his mouth, and leave the room. He pretty much does the rest! Quite the departure from our previous experiences 😉
  • The kid remains a good eater. He had a checkup for his rash and weighed in at 16.75 lbs!

Not-so-great Moments

  • Still not doing any super long stretches of sleep. Usually starts with 5-6 hours, then has another 4-5, though those may sometimes still be punctuated with brief wake-ups.
  • Wicked diaper rash for almost the entire month. We tried several things, and it just got worse until his skin was raw and breaking. Just before turning 5 months, finally found a concoction that seemed to help (plus trying to minimize wiping), but you just feel so bad looking at his tiny little unhappy hiney!
  • Tied to either his diaper rash or the fact that no kids like to sleep at his daycare, his workday naps have been all over the place. We’re hoping to get him on a bit more of a schedule since he is a pretty good sleeper!

Happy kid

Sisterly love

Checking out the rain on the way to school


Shopping with Sister

Hanging out with Mom after a yummy lunch

“Are you the guy with the food?”


Hanging at the brewery

Photoshoot outtake

Bundled up for some “chilly” weather

Daddy stopping by school for lunch

Post-lunch smiles

Hanging out with Sis in our disaster-home

Happy tummy time!

First time eating out as a family!

Our little (big) 5 month old!

Overall, a pretty good month. We’ll be glad to settle into the new house and JUST deal with the normal 2-kid chaos, lol. I can’t believe he will be half a year old next month!