Arlo – 4 Months

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This kid just keeps on growing! Month 4 was a busy month, but we are still kicking as a family of four!


  • Has become even more familiar with his hands. When not chewing on them, he is actively looking at things and tries to grab them if they are really close.
  • Even more smiles and giggles. One time, he was laughing so loud I had to shut the door because Ruby was trying to go down for a nap.
  • We won’t get an official weight until his appointment on Monday, but plopping him on our home scale indicates he’s in the 15.5-16 pound range. The kid is an eater!
  • Doing a pretty good job of sleeping at least one long stretch (right up until 4 months at least)
  • Still a bit hit-and-miss with car rides, but I think he’s gradually improving at being amenable to being in there.
  • Getting even wigglier sometimes. Seems like he really has somewhere he wants to go!

Not-so-great Moments

  • The little guy had to start daycare. While he has been doing great, and remains as happy and chill as ever, it is still a sad time when he no longer gets to chill at home all day.
  • 4 month sleep regression hit right on time (like the day before he turned 4 months) and he started going back to waking up about every 3 hours. Hopefully he can start reconsolidating so mom can start getting a little sleep again!

What am I supposed to do with THIS?

Snuggle time with big sister

Won’t try to hold it, but is starting to help a little

Worn out after a long day at daycare

Almost like a toupee!

First time in the jumparoo did not go over well (next few times he enjoyed it much more)

Bundled up for some “chilly” weather

“Is mom STILL getting ready?!”


What better tummy time than Big Sister tummy time!

Happy little kid

Finally starting to play with some things

4 months old!

He’s remains a pretty relaxed kid overall. He still has the cutest little “complaint” when he wants something. He has to get really riled up before he starts a legit cry instead of his little squeaks. He’ll have a move next month, but I’m sure everything will go swimmingly!

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