Arlo – 3 Months

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Our little Arlo is already 3 months old! Crazy how the time can seem to fly by (yet his birth can still seem so long ago!). We’ve continued to grow as a little family and Maricruz especially has been enjoying the last few weeks before he has to head to daycare :-/ He’s still growing and thriving and for the most part has kept all that cute hair, hehe.


  • Definitely very aware of things going on around him. Looks at people in the room (especially those with crazy patterns on their shirts), and looks around the room for me when Maricruz has me on speakerphone
  • Started discovering his hands. He still doesn’t really grab any items, but his hands have definitely found each other. He is constantly looking like he is plotting something, haha.
  • Lots of smiles and more and more giggles! It kinda comes at random times when he is in the mood, but we love when we happen to get him to crack up.
  • Still improving at holding himself up. We started practicing in the Bumbo and he has been doing a decent job hanging out in it.
  • Started extending his sleeps and getting 6-8 hour sessions at night. A welcome change!
  • Been super chatty and wiggly. You can tell he really just wants to get moving and start communicating! Probably spurned by all the dances his sister has been putting on for him, hehe.
  • Loves bath time! He splashes and smiles and laughs. Only cries when it is time to get out (or dry his hair, haha).

Not-so-great Moments

  • More sniffles! Not sure if they are colds, but having some stuffiness hasn’t been helping him sleep.
  • After moving to his room, he had a few days of reverting back to only sleeping 3 hours at a time. He’s started improving though, so hopefully that was just a quick phase.
  • Has really not been a fan of the carseat. Sometimes he’ll calm down after you start moving, but pretty consistently he flips out once you buckle him in. As a Fincher, he’s going to have to get a lot more used to the car seat! Haha.

I feel like he needs a little pocket protector

Sorry kid, being in the car is part of the Fincher way!

Snazzified for Christmas

Ugh… if they make me to tummy time one more time…

Lounging with Dad

Happy little guy

Working that core by practicing in the Bumbo

Going on a walk with mom! Still doesn’t seem sold on the idea.

Um guys… GUYS! There’s a lion in here!

Ah, picturesque sisterly love

Big sister helping with mat time

Must. Do. Tummy. Time.

All dolled up

ANOTHER episode of Sophia the First!?

Fills out the chair a lot better than when he was 1 month!

Our little 3 month old!

Overall, he has been a pretty chill kid. For the most part, when he cries there is a directly identifiable reason for it (hungry, dirty diaper, etc.).  He is already totally in love with his big sister, and I foresee him tailing her closely as soon as he is mobile!

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  1. Love the post and the pictures! Great stuff! Looks like a happy healthy guy. That’s Awesome! Glad things are going so well.

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