Arlo – 2 Months

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Another busy month for the Fincher family! Nothing really too big and crazy happened, but having two kids in the house is definitely a change of pace. Having a “real world” job where I have to be in the office all day has definitely been a big shift from my Postdoc days! Lots of new challenges, but we are making it through hehe.


  • Still growing fast! 12 lbs 6 oz at his 2 month checkup. The boy likes to eat!
  • Unlike his sister, it looks like his full little head of hair is here to stay
  • Lots more smiles, and even some giggles!
  • Better at holding his head up and looking around. Follows people around the room all the time (especially his entertaining big sister)
  • Starting to get a few longer sleep stretches, but none too crazy yet
  • Started the baby babbling. ┬áDefinitely seems like he has a lot that he wants to say.

Not-so-great Moments

  • Made it almost to 2 months before getting his first cold. Being stuffy hasn’t helped the sleeping, and he still wavers around 3-4 hour stretches for the most part
  • Shots! At his 2 month checkup, they ran out of one of the combined vaccines, so he had to get one oral then 4 shots! He was a trooper and definitely slept well that night.

Our handsome 2 month old

“Hey, you aren’t the one who is supposed to be feeding me!”

Hanging out

“Fascinating” the baby

Checking out his loving big sister

Daddy bath = fun hairstyles

Tummy time!

The “that wasn’t a fart” face

Getting a little big for the bath sling already!

Oh… hello hand. Nom nom nom.

Not too sure about this carseat situation

Oh the joys of having a big sister


The attention that Arlo still requires has been noticed by his sister, so it has become a more challenging balancing act to make sure both still get plenty of time with the parents. It’s a big shift for someone who had us to herself for almost 4 years ­čÖé We are still working on getting things coordinated so that Mom and Dad can have some time to take care of the basics around the house, but hopefully we’ll get into more of a routine soon. Regardless, we definitely feel more “complete” as a little family of four and can’t wait to see this little kid keep growing and maturing!

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