Arlo – 12 Months – 1 Whole Year!

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We have a one year old! So our little baby Arlokins is now a pre-toddler (at least according to our pediatrician), but he’s still our little baby! Since I’m a bit late getting this done, I can say it is also kind of crazy that we now have a 1 and a 5 year old! 🙂


  • Now solidly has 4 teeth! The front 4 have finished coming in (2 up top, and 2 bottom)
  • He’s quickly learned how to use those teeth to broaden his food horizons. He likes strips and has done well with toast, apple, and sweet potato
  • More shuffling around and has started doing a lot better with his walkers. Only a couple of steps by himself before he decides to sit down, but I think he’ll be walking as soon as he decides to!

Not-so-great moments

  • Yet again, it’s sleep! He’s all over the map, so it makes it a bit hard to correct. He’ll have a night where he pretty much sleeps all the way through, then the next night he’ll wake up like 5 times. It’d be nice to get some consistency!
  • Stomach bug! It started with Ruby and slowly made its way through the whole family. No bueno!

Om nom nom

Serious little shopper

You talking to me?

Standing by himself

Brewery time!

Enjoying his pack-n-play


Oooh, these look fun to eat!

Tummy bug 🙁

More selfies dad!?

Raiding the cabinets

Tunnel time with the emo hair

Little scientist

Helping big sister with her art

1 year old!

And I never had time to put it together for 6 months, but we’ll end with a super long video compilation (~17 minutes) of the growing of our little baby boy into a 1 year old!

Arlo – 11 Months

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Only a month shy of a having a 1 year old! It’s been a bit of a crazy month (not even including keeping up with these two little folks), but we have (for the most part) kept it together, lol.


  • Major road trip (and first time in Bristol)! Kind of a milestone, but more details in not-so-great moments haha. Given the circumstances, he actually did pretty well.
  • Perhaps slower than recommended, but definitely improving with his solid foods. He’s showing more interest in finger foods. Surprisingly, eggplant is one of his favorites (and works well because the texture makes it easy to grip). He’s also been showing more interest in whatever we happen to have on our plates. He is still quite the puff fan though!
  • His first tooth barely made an appearance!
  • More and more pulling up. He’s also started shuffling a bit more across things. Walking is on the horizon!
  • Started clapping and waving some

Not-so-great moments

  • It’s a recurring theme, but we’re still working on the sleep thing. It seems like he knows when we are about to lay down the law and has a couple of decent nights. It also doesn’t help that Ruby stirs when he starts fussing in the middle of the night, so we’ve probably let him get away with more than we should have. We also have good reason to believe that his teething has really been bothering him.
  • Hurrication! What has become our yearly tradition was a bit more intense this year with Irma. We vacated to Gainesville for the night then to Tallahassee (when she was projected to come straight for our house). Then she switched paths and started heading towards Tallahassee! So we vacated the day after we arrived and went to Duluth (just outside of Atlanta) then on to Bristol the next day. Molly was with BB and Gahgi and Lauren and Josh joined for some family time. After being there a few days, we had to head back south (work was calling!) and went to Savannah then on home the next day. In total, it was about 1800 miles in about a week. Quite the jump up from his first road trip!

He’s definitely becoming a little human and has more and more personality. He’s starting to have little preferences and is getting close to be able to fend for himself around his big sister.

Playing with big sister

Loves his sandia (watermelon)

Matching outfits!

Worn out kids during our hurrication

Noms with cousin Molly

Hitting Moe’s while we’re on the road

More hanging out with cousin Molly on the hurrication

Wanting to be part of everything sister does

This guy loves crawling through curtains

Watching it rain

Don’t mind if I do!

Duet with Ruby

“Where’d that toy go?”

Holding on the the swing adds a little challenge to standing up

Squeeze on through

Our kiddos

11 months!

Arlo – 10 Months

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I feel like I just wrote up month 9! This kid is growing up too quickly. He’s ever growing and exploring. This month had a big shift, as we decided to move him out of school and keep him home with a nanny for a while. It’s taken some juggling, but his lack of sickness this month has made it feel worth it. It’ll likely be temporary, and I’m sure big sister will still bring some icky stuff home, but it has definitely been some peace of mind for now.


  • No croup! After two back-to-back cases, not getting it again has really been the best thing about this month.
  • Really taken to crawling. He is getting into everything now!
  • First road trip! Only a few hours, but it was still a milestone 🙂

Not-so-great moments

  • Sleep! We’ve been doing some mild sleep training, but he is still pretty consistently waking up once, many times twice, a night. Mom and dad will be happy when we can consistently get him to let us sleep for more than 4 hours at a time!
  • A bit of a picky eater. He’s gotten pretty good at eating chunked foods, but he usually eats a bite or two then refuses. If it were up to him, this kid would live on puffs! We can still get him to eat purees, but we’re hoping to get him to move into some bigger kid foods soon.

Trying to stand


Yay. Swinging. This is the best. Really.

Dapper young lad with his mommykins

Swim time with dad

Starting to reap benefits of Friday pizza night!

Happy little samurai

As excited for shopping as he is about swinging


Family exercise time!

Swim time with sister

“Sale on puffs?!”

Love these too hooligans

Standing up!

Um… excuse me. I’m eating here.

Smooches for sister

Geared up for the road trip

The most serious of shoppers

10 months old!

Arlo – 9 Months

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And the month’s just keep on churning! Crazy that he’s been out in the world about as long as he hung out in mommy’s belly! It’s been a bit of a month of ups and downs, but we’ve been hanging in there. Hard to dwell on the hard times too much when we have such adorable little faces greeting us all the time 😉


  • Started making some progress crawling. He’s still a bit slow-and-steady, but he’s mobile!
  • Loves his walker! We have tried it a few times, and he is amazingly good at navigating around the house and exploring.
  • Not to steal Arlo’s spotlight, but we found out this month that Ruby is no longer allergic to egg. Very big and exciting news!
  • Got to go swimming for the first time. He was a bit cautious/serious, but I think he had fun.

Not-so-great moments

  • Second croup 🙁 This time was even worse than last time. I ended up having to take him to the ER around 2am, and we were there through the night until midday. A #$&%* nurse gave us bad info after he had an x-ray then CT that gave us a bit of a scare (swelling != a mass buddy!), but all ended up being ok. Really rough night, but we made it through.
  • Sleep still hasn’t been going to great. We haven’t really been working hard on it, but it is pretty typical for him to still wake 2 times a night.

This kid loves his blocks, mostly dumping them out

Getting ready for the pool

Ruby entertaining the cousins!

Checking out the aquarium

Our little family on Fourth of July

Enjoying his walk, windblown hair and all

Sisterly love (and scared little dude, lol)

Swim time!

Crazy driver!

Such a big boy!

Hanging out with Dad

Picnic with sister

More fishies

Sharing his favorite blocks with sister

Prune face!

9 months old!


Arlo – 8 Months

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I feel like I just wrote a post about this fella! He’s growing up so quickly. It’s been another fun month with the little guy. I’ve all but given up on getting these things done on time. Within a couple weeks is still good, right!?


  • Does a decent job of eating, though he still likes warm purees the best. Texture hasn’t been his favorite just yet. Oatmeal and sweet potato are staples.
  • First plane ride! Went to Nashville to see Molly and fam. He did pretty well!
  • I suppose this could be in both lists, but we had a Dad-son weekend while Maricruz and Ruby went to Texas for a wedding. He did a pretty good job, and I kept the house together (for the most part, lol)
  • Slowly edging towards crawling.  Lots of planking, some hands and knees, but no movement yet.

Not-so-great moments

  • While he traveled very well, the first few nights of sleeping in a new place were pretty darn rough. Side note: Ruby has always been a good traveler, but did an amazing job trying to sleep in the room with a constantly waking baby. So proud of her I had to mention it 😉
  • Still gets up twice during the night most nights.  I can sometimes get him back to sleep, but often he wants to nurse. That’s a habit we really need to start breaking!
  • Croup! Probably our scariest parenting experience thus far. That distinct cough and him struggling to breathe were the worst! Luckily, he responded well to the steroids, but that first night was pretty brutal!

Mastering his plank

Hang out time with his sis


Good times hanging out in Sister’s bed

Making sure the shuttle driver is staying safe

I love being in the stroller. Seriously. This is the best. Never had better.

First plane ride!


Ruby being an awesome big sister

Ball party!

Happy, even in the doctor’s office

BB got him a car just like Molly’s!

Big boy and strong girl

Bath time!

Playing in “baby jail”

Quite the dapper young lad!


These two <3

Happy little 8 month old!

Arlo – 7 Months

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We’re starting to get a little behind on these, but hopefully I can find some time to get a little more back on track. Month 7 was another fun month watching our little guy keep growing (and somehow find ways to love his sister even more!).


  • Being behind makes things difficult to remember, but he’s continued to be a pretty happy and chill little guy.
  • Continued trying new foods including squash and bananas
  • A lot of status quo from last post. Still chatty, good with car rides, and better about wiggling around on the floor  (even if it doesn’t seem like he wants to try to crawl yet!)
  • He was 19lbs 5oz at his 6 month (that turned into a sick visit), then 19lbs 12.5 oz at his followup a couple weeks later. I think that put him in the high 70s percentile-wise, and he was 83% for height and head. He may have started out small, but he’s been catching up!
  • First Mother’s day!
  • He is still gnawing on things left and right like he is teething, but still no sign of them yet.

Not-so-great moments

  • While he finished his first round of antibiotics, he ended up having to get a second round. They were harsher and affected him more, but he still hung in there pretty well.
  • Relatedly, what was supposed to be his 6 month checkup turned into a sick visit. Poor little guy!
  • Sleep continues to be a bit of a struggle. He almost always has at least one wake up where he wants to nurse, and sometimes a couple other times where he needs a quick soothe. When mom and dad are responsible and go to bed earlier, it usually isn’t too bad, but boy do we pay for it if we decide to stay up! 🙂


Tummy time!

Slow wake up on Daddy

Photo shoot outtake, lol

Happy little guy!

Sad sick day on Mommy

Giving Mom a break Saturday morning


Not 100% sold on the teething toy

Must. Stay. Awake. For. Bottle.

Seriously scoping the babes on the way to the pool


Well, hello there!

Silly times at the doctor’s office

Hey! That’s Daddy’s taco!

His sister cracks him up more than anyone else, by far

Happy 7 months Arlo!

It’s still a little hard to believe it has already been 7 months with the little guy. Where does the time go!? We’ve been really settling into the groove of being a little family of four and look forward to the fun and excitement of month 8!

Arlo – 6 Months

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Half a year with our little dude! Going through this whole process again has been crazy enough, but with two kids it is an entirely different beast. Not a lot of downtime, but lots and lots of love! 🙂


  • Tried more solid foods this month, including zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and apples
  • Getting better at tummy time and having an easier time rolling from back to belly when he wants
  • Really improving sitting up. Still topples over when he gets distracted, but has definitely gotten more stable
  • After checking old blog posts, looks like the guy has caught up to (and slightly surpassed) his sister and weighed in at over 19 lbs
  • Becoming more aware of things, and reaching/lunging to try to grab things nearby. Definitely have to pay a little more attention when you are holding him now
  • Now that we’ve gotten more on a schedule, his naps have improved at school. Not 100% where we would like them, but definitely better than they were
  • He’s getting more used to the car rides as well. I rarely get complaints unless he is cranky tired, and in those cases he is usually asleep pretty soon after
  • He finally got to meet his BB and Gahgi! He had a lot of fun with hanging out with them and watching his crazy sister 😉
  • He’s fairly chatty. The clearest word is “dadda” which changes in tone/inflection upon his mood.
  • His affinity for his sister grows by the day. We can get him to smile if we work for it, but she just needs to enter the room and he’s all smiles.

Not-so-great moments

  • First ear infection! Also led to his first round of antibiotics. Poor little guy was so pitiful!
  • While not terrible, he still wakes up at least once or twice a night, usually for mommy.  While he was sick that got even worse, but it is usually fairly manageable when he is well. Won’t complain when he consistently has longer stretches though!

Howdy hombre!

Just a little more to be sitting upright

First grill out

We are very serious about tummy time in this house

More sisterly love

With his BB and Gahgi

Attack with all you have!

We practice very safe sitting up

Like an advertisement for peas, yeah?

Engrossed in his book

Our little 6 month old, eyebrows and all!

I realized when gathering photos that we have definitely been pretty light on the picture taking lately. With the move and getting settled and everything that has been going on in our lives the past couple of months, I guess our shutter clicking fingers have been tired! Hopefully, we’ll start having a more settled life in the coming months, and we can hope that results in more photos! If not, I’m just going to have to start experimenting with all my GoPro mounts haha. It’s also been a little crazy (plus my computer is a bit on the fritz), so Arlo might have to just wait for a full 1 year wrap up video. No 6 month this time. Sorry buddy!

Arlo – 5 Months

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Month 5 has been pretty status quo. Nothing really huge has happened, though we have definitely stayed busy! We moved this month, which is a challenge by itself without 2 young children! They both did great, but we are still working on getting settled and unpacked. Looking forward to no big life changes these next few months, haha.


  • Tried solid food for the first time. Started out with oatmeal, then also tried some peas. This little guy is definitely an eater. Happily dug into both of them and continues to have oatmeal pretty much every day. Took a break from peas since it may have loosened his bowels (contributing to the rash in “not-so-great moments”)
  • Bounced back fairly quickly from his 4 month sleep regression
  • Had our first out-to-eat experience as a family, and it when pretty well (see photo below)
  • Crazy easy to put to sleep. Other than times he is over-tired at night, we can mostly get him ready, put him in the crib, put the paci in his mouth, and leave the room. He pretty much does the rest! Quite the departure from our previous experiences 😉
  • The kid remains a good eater. He had a checkup for his rash and weighed in at 16.75 lbs!

Not-so-great Moments

  • Still not doing any super long stretches of sleep. Usually starts with 5-6 hours, then has another 4-5, though those may sometimes still be punctuated with brief wake-ups.
  • Wicked diaper rash for almost the entire month. We tried several things, and it just got worse until his skin was raw and breaking. Just before turning 5 months, finally found a concoction that seemed to help (plus trying to minimize wiping), but you just feel so bad looking at his tiny little unhappy hiney!
  • Tied to either his diaper rash or the fact that no kids like to sleep at his daycare, his workday naps have been all over the place. We’re hoping to get him on a bit more of a schedule since he is a pretty good sleeper!

Happy kid

Sisterly love

Checking out the rain on the way to school


Shopping with Sister

Hanging out with Mom after a yummy lunch

“Are you the guy with the food?”


Hanging at the brewery

Photoshoot outtake

Bundled up for some “chilly” weather

Daddy stopping by school for lunch

Post-lunch smiles

Hanging out with Sis in our disaster-home

Happy tummy time!

First time eating out as a family!

Our little (big) 5 month old!

Overall, a pretty good month. We’ll be glad to settle into the new house and JUST deal with the normal 2-kid chaos, lol. I can’t believe he will be half a year old next month!

Arlo – 4 Months

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This kid just keeps on growing! Month 4 was a busy month, but we are still kicking as a family of four!


  • Has become even more familiar with his hands. When not chewing on them, he is actively looking at things and tries to grab them if they are really close.
  • Even more smiles and giggles. One time, he was laughing so loud I had to shut the door because Ruby was trying to go down for a nap.
  • We won’t get an official weight until his appointment on Monday, but plopping him on our home scale indicates he’s in the 15.5-16 pound range. The kid is an eater!
  • Doing a pretty good job of sleeping at least one long stretch (right up until 4 months at least)
  • Still a bit hit-and-miss with car rides, but I think he’s gradually improving at being amenable to being in there.
  • Getting even wigglier sometimes. Seems like he really has somewhere he wants to go!

Not-so-great Moments

  • The little guy had to start daycare. While he has been doing great, and remains as happy and chill as ever, it is still a sad time when he no longer gets to chill at home all day.
  • 4 month sleep regression hit right on time (like the day before he turned 4 months) and he started going back to waking up about every 3 hours. Hopefully he can start reconsolidating so mom can start getting a little sleep again!

What am I supposed to do with THIS?

Snuggle time with big sister

Won’t try to hold it, but is starting to help a little

Worn out after a long day at daycare

Almost like a toupee!

First time in the jumparoo did not go over well (next few times he enjoyed it much more)

Bundled up for some “chilly” weather

“Is mom STILL getting ready?!”


What better tummy time than Big Sister tummy time!

Happy little kid

Finally starting to play with some things

4 months old!

He’s remains a pretty relaxed kid overall. He still has the cutest little “complaint” when he wants something. He has to get really riled up before he starts a legit cry instead of his little squeaks. He’ll have a move next month, but I’m sure everything will go swimmingly!

Arlo – 3 Months

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Our little Arlo is already 3 months old! Crazy how the time can seem to fly by (yet his birth can still seem so long ago!). We’ve continued to grow as a little family and Maricruz especially has been enjoying the last few weeks before he has to head to daycare :-/ He’s still growing and thriving and for the most part has kept all that cute hair, hehe.


  • Definitely very aware of things going on around him. Looks at people in the room (especially those with crazy patterns on their shirts), and looks around the room for me when Maricruz has me on speakerphone
  • Started discovering his hands. He still doesn’t really grab any items, but his hands have definitely found each other. He is constantly looking like he is plotting something, haha.
  • Lots of smiles and more and more giggles! It kinda comes at random times when he is in the mood, but we love when we happen to get him to crack up.
  • Still improving at holding himself up. We started practicing in the Bumbo and he has been doing a decent job hanging out in it.
  • Started extending his sleeps and getting 6-8 hour sessions at night. A welcome change!
  • Been super chatty and wiggly. You can tell he really just wants to get moving and start communicating! Probably spurned by all the dances his sister has been putting on for him, hehe.
  • Loves bath time! He splashes and smiles and laughs. Only cries when it is time to get out (or dry his hair, haha).

Not-so-great Moments

  • More sniffles! Not sure if they are colds, but having some stuffiness hasn’t been helping him sleep.
  • After moving to his room, he had a few days of reverting back to only sleeping 3 hours at a time. He’s started improving though, so hopefully that was just a quick phase.
  • Has really not been a fan of the carseat. Sometimes he’ll calm down after you start moving, but pretty consistently he flips out once you buckle him in. As a Fincher, he’s going to have to get a lot more used to the car seat! Haha.

I feel like he needs a little pocket protector

Sorry kid, being in the car is part of the Fincher way!

Snazzified for Christmas

Ugh… if they make me to tummy time one more time…

Lounging with Dad

Happy little guy

Working that core by practicing in the Bumbo

Going on a walk with mom! Still doesn’t seem sold on the idea.

Um guys… GUYS! There’s a lion in here!

Ah, picturesque sisterly love

Big sister helping with mat time

Must. Do. Tummy. Time.

All dolled up

ANOTHER episode of Sophia the First!?

Fills out the chair a lot better than when he was 1 month!

Our little 3 month old!

Overall, he has been a pretty chill kid. For the most part, when he cries there is a directly identifiable reason for it (hungry, dirty diaper, etc.).  He is already totally in love with his big sister, and I foresee him tailing her closely as soon as he is mobile!